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At CCS we have 50-years of experience in looking after our customers’ product. But we also look after their cash flow and supply chain by offering bonded warehousing facilities, trusted staff and support.

With a bonded warehouse, goods can be stored, checked or undergo additional manufacturing without the importer having to pay duties and taxes. After all, who wants to pay taxes any earlier than they absolutely have to?

Bonded warehouses offer a place to store imported goods for up to five years without having to pay any taxes or duties. That’s because goods stored in bonded warehouses are not liable for customs duties or VAT upfront. They only become payable once the items are moved out of the bonded warehouse on the way to their next destination.

CCS offers two main types of bonded certification, specifically OS and SOS. OS Bond Storage is used for the storage and safekeeping of uncleared imports and/or imports intended for export.

Whereas our SOS Special Storage Warehouse offers facilities specifically licensed for the storage of dutiable imported goods.

At CCS you’ll get the added benefit of working with a company that has a strong track record of operating ethically and a good relationship with customs authorities. You can rest assured knowing your goods are in good hands with our trusted employees - all well informed about the Customs Act of 1964.

We’ll keep it cool and controlled in the designated warehouse area where all imported goods are managed and carefully attended to by the customs officials.


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