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  • What does CCS Logistics offer?
    We provide cold storage facilities across South Africa and in Walvis Bay, Namibia, for the storage of products at frozen or chilled temperatures. Our facilities cater for imported, export or locally produced products for processing and distribution to the market.
  • What Are Perishable Foods?
    Perishable foods consist of fresh meat, frozen produce, poultry, vegetables, fruits and dairy. These foods are stored in cold storage to increase their shelf life.
  • Is CCS Logistics Accredited / Certified?
    Selected CCS Logistics facilities have various accreditations in place depending the requirement of our customers in the specific area. Please contact our customer department to take you through the list of accreditations. Email : Contact number : +27 87 350 7350
  • How do I make a booking?
    Bookings normally require 24hrs notice, although we will always do our best to try to accommodate same day bookings on short notice where possible.
  • Who do I contact at CCS Logistics with regards to services and facilities?
    Please contact us and ask for our Customer Team at: Email : Contact number : +27 87 350 7350
  • How do I open an account?
    This is a quick and easy process that will be facilitated by our customer department. Email: Contact number: +27 87 350 7350.
  • Can I open a COD account?
    Yes we do allow for COD accounts. Please contact our customer department who will take you through the steps of opening an account. Email: Contact number: +27 87 350 7350.
  • Is it possible to consolidate loads for export?
    Yes. Please contact our customer department to understand your exact requirement.
  • Do you have approval for import and export to selected countries?
    Yes, our facilities are approved by the Stave Vet, NRCS and PPECB to handle imports and exports to most countries. Please contact our customer department to understand your exact requirement.
  • Can CCS facilitate state vet inspections?
    Yes. CCS Logistics facilitates state vet inspections daily for all our customers. The store can arrange for a State Veterinary Official (STO) to extract samples for microbiological testing. A State Vet Release Certificate will only be issued when results are received and meet the approval of the STO (charges relating to the testing will be recovered from the client). ​NRCS / SGS official extracts samples destined for both the local and foreign market Only on approval will the product be released from the store. Inspection or sampling charges are applicable.
  • Does CCS Logistics offer plug-in services?
    Yes. CCS Logistics offer a selected amount of plug-in services at most of our facilities that will allow for container/refrigerator vehicle plug-ins overnight.
  • Does CCS offer blast freezing services?
    CCS offers blast freezing at all our facilities. The blast freezing period depends on various factors which includes the arrival temperature of the product, the density of the product, and the immediate packaging and/or carton while looking at the airflow around the product.
  • Does CCS offer re-packing and labelling services?
    CCS offers a variety of services from labelling, pallet breakdown and re-palletization, re-boxing, strapping, etc. We do not offer above services for exposed products.
  • Can CCS offer bonded warehousing?
    Yes. CCS Logistics offer bonded warehousing at most of our facilities to facilitate the safe storage of product until our customers are ready to pay the duties to have the product released. The following facilities offer bonded warehouses Duncan Dock, Paarden Eiland, Epping, City Deep, Walvis Bay
  • Can the warehouse offer additional services?
    Yes, CCS Logistics offers various other services to add value to your supply chain. Please contact our customer department to understand how we can add value to your business.
  • Can our company use our own product codes when storing with CCS Logistics?
    Yes. CCS is more than happy to add your company labels to pallets and capture them to our system.
  • Can I use specific inventory management methods such as FEFO when storing with CCS?
    Yes. CCS is making use of SAP and we can configure it in a specific management format.
  • How often can I receive a stock report?
    Stock reports are automated and will be emailed on a daily basis.
  • What temperatures can you store products at?
    CCS Logistics offers temperature-controlled chambers that allow us to store in multiple temperatures from chilled down to frozen temperatures. All our facilities offer frozen storage at -18°C or colder with selected facilities offering chilled storage at +4.5°C. Our Duncan Dock facility also offers at -60°C. We can also offer limited ambient storage space for dry goods at selected stores.
  • Do you have backup emergency generators?
    Yes. We have backup generators at most of our facilities.
  • Can I store less than 100 pallets with CCS Logistics?
    Yes. CCS Logistics has a customer base across a wide variety of product categories that have a wide range of operational requirements, anything from one pallet up to thousands of pallets.
  • What is the maximum pallet height for your racking?
    Our racking configuration varies across bin heights, standard pallet heights and high cube pallet heights to cater for most pallet heights subject to availability. Please feel free to contact our customer department to discuss your requirements. Email : Contact number: +27 87 350 7350
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