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The most critical element in managing a cold storage facility is to ensure that there is no break in the cold chain from the time the product arrives at the storage site till the time it leaves the site. That’s why at CCS we keep it cool every second of the day, every day of the year.

Not only could there be huge financial losses if the product were compromised, but the health of anyone eating the product thereafter could also be seriously impacted – even if the break in temperature was for a short while and later corrected.

That’s why it’s important for all operational staff to be totally familiar with the established Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that ensure the correct behaviour and actions are always followed in order to protect the cold chain.

To make sure that your refrigeration equipment is able to consistently provide reliable temperatures, there must be a regular preventative maintenance programme in place.

Also, appropriate compliance systems must be in place to monitor food safety, health, operational safety and environmental sustainability.

These compliance systems must be monitored with monthly internal audits. And there should be regular cycle counts to ensure the integrity and accuracy of the stock.

It should go without saying that a well maintained facility always depends on good housekeeping to keep systems safe, in check, and in place.

Conforming to regulations, standards and best practice guidelines will always put you in good standing with the relevant regulatory authorities. And it’s always cool to be on their good side.


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