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With the rocketing price of electricity, it makes a lot of sense to look at all ways to increase the efficiency of your cold storage facility and refrigeration equipment.

The most important rule is to ensure you keep the doors to freezer rooms closed to minimise the flow of hot air into the cold room.

It’s important to remember that warmer products will require more energy to reach required product and room temperature. It is recommended that product is blast frozen to required temperatures before storing the product in a room with the specified temperature.

Dehumidifiers are highly efficient at reducing unwanted humidity and condensation in your facility. Dehumidified air in cold storage reduces ice build-up, combats mould and bacterial growth and increases refrigeration efficiency.

Lighting can also add unnecessary heat, so always remember to consider switching to energy efficient solutions where possible.

And to minimize temperature losses and maintain cold chain integrity, always ensure that the seals to the docking and loading bays are intact when doors are not in use.

Conserving electricity consumption and monitoring all other running costs not only save cost, but they also help reduce harmful emissions, save on natural resources and protect our threatened environment.


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